About Me

Renee Simlak

Originally from Michigan Renee has been in Los Angeles for over 10 years.  Since the day she landed in La La Land, she has been busy meeting people from all over the area and learning about new and exciting products.

If Renee looks familiar, it’s because you may have seen her looking for true love on ABC’s The Bachelor. With numerous contacts from the reality TV world and her connections in the LA social scene, her partnerships include other public relation firms, talent agencies, celebrities, and reality personalities.  ”I think it is very important to always be creating new and exciting projects,” Renee says.  That is the primary reason she started her own production company, Renee Simlak Productions.   She happily runs her own Public Relations (PR) and Production company where she promotes/brands/markets products and services through social media outlets and social events.

With her huge social network and invaluable product data base, today she is coined as the queen of connection in LA.  She has the ability to create a linkage between brands and targeted consumers who wouldn’t necessarily know about these extraordinary products or services.  She is an expert in brand influencing through product placement at gifting lounges, charity events, pet events, star studded red carpet events and private events such as celebrity baby showers.  ”I love what I do so much,” Renee adds.

My Passion

Helping animals in need is another one of Renee’s passions.  That is why she founded The Ashley Hope Fund.  The emergency fund, created in 2007, helped pet owners who could not afford proper medical care for their animals.  Best Friends Animal Society facilitated the fund, named for Renee’s late cat and then combined it with their current Emergency Assistance Fund.  The group distributes grants to those in emergency situations.  To date, the Ashley Hope Fund has saved the lives of many deserving animals and given pet owners financial peace of mind.  Renee is also working hard to raise awareness for the many animals in need of rescue.

Her most proud project was a 2011 rescue calendar featuring reality personalities and working professionals pictured with their beloved rescues.  All of the proceeds went to the Ashley Hope Fund and efforts to raise rescue awareness.  Renee’s inspiration for encouraging others to rescue is Daphne, her Dachshund mix, who with her Puggle Rocco make the perfect duo.

Click Here to Purchase A Calendar Renee Simlak : April 2011

Rescues Gone Wild calender, captured by David Sobel Photography